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Bath & Brush | Small Breeds

Refreshing spa-like experience for your furry friend.

  • 1 h
  • 50 euros
  • Shampooches By Emma

Service Description

Our dedicated team of experienced groomers is committed to providing your beloved pets with a luxurious and invigorating bathing and grooming session that will leave them looking and feeling their best. We understand the importance of regular bathing and brushing to maintain your dog's hygiene, coat health, and overall well-being. Our bath and brush service offers a comprehensive and rejuvenating experience, ensuring your pup looks and smells fantastic. Our bath and brush service begins with a soothing and thorough bath using high-quality, dog-friendly shampoos and conditioners. We use products that are gentle on your dog's skin, leaving their coat clean, refreshed, and smelling delightful. Following the bath, our groomers provide a thorough brushing to remove loose hair, tangles, and mats. This helps to maintain a healthy coat and minimize shedding. We pay special attention to your dog's specific coat type, using appropriate brushes and techniques for the best results. As part of our Bat & Brush service, we offer additional grooming extras to ensure your dog looks their absolute best. This includes facial, ear cleaning, paw-dicure, and even a light spritz of dog-friendly cologne to complete the grooming experience. We prioritize the safety and well-being of your dogs. Our groomers adhere to strict hygiene and sanitation protocols, ensuring a clean and safe grooming environment. We use sanitized equipment and tools for each dog, maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness.

Contact Details

  • 1 Melitta Road, Kildare, Ireland

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